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Dr. Ruthy Gertwagen
Academic Staff
Reception Hour:Wednesdays, 11:30-12:30 Floor: 12 Room: 1203 - Eshkol
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Research fields:

-Medieval and Early Modern Venice and its maritime empire
- Byzantium, its Empire and the Mediterranean and the Black Sea
-Mediterranean maritime history and underwater archaeology in the Byzantine, Medieval and Early Modern periods with emphasis on: trade, naval warfare, piracy, navigation, ports and port towns, ships and nautical technology
-Marine environmental and ecological history of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea

Teaching Activities

Maritime History of the Byzantine, Venice's, Medieval and Early Modern Periods
Mediterranean Shipping, Trade, Piracy, Naval Warfare, Ports and Port Towns
Venice and Genoa and their activities in the Mediterranean
Byzantine heritage in the Mediterranean and Black Sea
Introduction to the Medieval Period (Byzantine, European and Islamic history)
The Israeli Coastline since the Roman period until the 16th century: History, underwater archaeology; land archaeology; architecture and environment


Modern: English, Italian and French
Ancient: Latin, medieval Venetian and Genoese (with paleographic skills in all languages); Ancient and medieval Greek 

Curriculum vita