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12-13.11.2014- International Workshop on the Ancient and Mediaeval Marine Eco-history and Environmental History of Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean- Click here for full articles

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Wednesday, November 12
09:30-13:00 Morning session
Chair: Benedict Lowe

Irit Zohar (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the University of Haifa), Anuar Zidane and Michal Artzy (University of Haifa), Culinary practice in the Late Bronze Age (14th c. BCE): Fish exploitation and butchering method at Tel Abu Hawam (TAH) Israel

Guy Sisma-Ventura (University of Haifa); Anindya Sarkar and Kasturi Bhattacharyya (India institute of Technology); Irit Zohar (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem); Anuar Zidane, Ayelet Gilboa, Guy Bar-Oz and Dorit Sivan (University of Haifa), Late Holocene oxygen isotope composition of Spardiae (sea bream) teeth enamel as high resolution environmental proxy in the Mediterranean Sea
15.00-18.30 Afternoon session
Chair: Athena Trakadas
Rachel Gottesman (University of Haifa), Maritime perspectives and religious practices in the ancient Mediterranean: the case of Aphrodite (Part 1, Part 2)

Benedict J. Lowe (University of Aarhus/University of St. Andrews), Vivaria piscibus: the aquaculture of the Villae Maritimae of Hispania Tarraconensis

Tønnes Bekker-Nielsen (University of Southern Denmark), Expanding markets? Transport of live fish in the Roman world.
Thursday, November 13
08:45-12:00 Morning session
Chair: Jeannine Horowitz
Baruch Rosen, Ehud Galili (Israeli Antiquities Authority) and Mina Weinstein-Evron (University of Haifa), Thorny Burnet (Sarcopoterium spinosum L.) in a Roman shipwreck off the Israeli coast and the role of ancient dunnage in the distribution of Mediterranean flora

Ofra Barkai (University of Haifa) and Irit Zohar (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Fish remains from Caesarea as evidence of trade in the Byzantine period
12:10 – 14:30 Session
Chair: Irit Zohar