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The program of Byzantine & Modern Hellenic Studies - Introduction

You will find below information about the undergraduate and graduate academic programs, fellowship opportunities and announcements, as well as the Program's past, present and future events. Our contact mail is posted at the bottom of this page. We will gladly answer any questions you have. Thank you for visiting our website.
The Program of Modern Hellenic Studies provides students with a comprehensive and interdisciplinary perspective of the language, literature, history, politics and culture of Modern Greece, from the fall of the Byzantine Empire to the present time. Through a wide range of courses, students are exposed to a variety of topics which allow them to appreciate the historical, geographical, religious, cultural and political realities of Modern Greece and matters related to Greece, as well as the means in which Greece has assimilated the multifaceted phases of its past and homogenized them as part of its own self. In the perspective of multiculturalism, the Program also focuses on the position of Modern Greece as a crossroads between Western Europe, Mediterranean countries and the Middle East. In addition, the students will get to learn the literary and artistic traditions of a country that the Western world regards as the cradle of Western civilization.
The Program, sponsored by the Onassis Foundation, offers numerous cultural and intellectual activities, lectures given by Greek scholars, conferences and educational trips to Greece. Also, the Program of Modern Hellenic Studies in the University of Haifa gives students the opportunity to study in Greece during the summer. A number of scholarships are granted every year to outstanding students of the program.
The language courses: The Program of Modern Hellenic Studies at the University of Haifa aims to attract students keen to acquire a firm training in the language and through the language grounding in culture and society of Modern Greece. 
For this purpose three levels are proposed, over two semesters each.

Courses for semester B
For further information, please contact
Dana Eyal
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Tel : (04)6647905
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Call of papers for international conference: The hidden cultural heritage, Under Water, Under Ground and within Buildings

Haifa and Acre, Israel, from 22-25 April 2018

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2nd International Workshop on Ancient Greek Drama

The National Theatre of Greece, in collaboration with the European Cultural Centre of Delphi, organises the Second International Workshop on Ancient Greek Drama from 16 to 30 July 2017 in Delphi, in the premises of the European Cultural Centre.

The workshop aims to offer the students special knowledge and training on ancient Greek drama in venues related with it since its birth. 

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26th Annual Summer Seminar on the island of Tinos
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summer seminar
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